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The Weekly 13 NCAA Bracketalia | Information


Bracketalia is a Weekly 13 tradition, and its available on the interwebs. Fill out your brackets and wish for luck (trust me you'll need it. Your chances of winning are about as likely as Dick Cheney nursing abandoned kittens).

Rules, Regulations, and Such

(1) Fill out a bracket before tipoff on Thursday, March 15th - 12:00 PM.
(2) Watch as your Bracket gets summarily dismissed.
(3) Standings will be updated after each round and posted on the leaderboard.


Points are earned as follows:
(1) Win Points: Two points for a first round win, four for a second round win, eight for a third round win, 16 for a fourth round win, 32 for a fifth round win and 64 for picking the correct champion.
(2) Upset Points: Upset points will be awarded for picking an upset winner. Points are calculated by the difference in the seeds times the round. For example:
  If you correctly pick a 13-seed to upset the 4-seed in the first round, you will get 9 bonus points ((13-4)*1).
  If you correctly pick the 13-seed to beat the 5-seed in the second round you will get 16 bonus points ((13-5)*2), and so on and so forth.
(3) Fill in the total points for the championship game as a tie breaker (If you think team A will beat team B 85-80, put in 165 in the total points field. Do NOT put in 85-80.
(4) Have fun!

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